Saturday, 7 June 2014

Better Staff Training is Worthwhile!

A company I visited had several challenges.

A key one was that none of the staff had been properly trained to use their main software package. This system was used to carry out all invoicing of customers, to make all supplier payments and to prepare the company accounts.

Their offices were a good place to work, with dedicated staff trying to do the best they could. However because the staff had inadequate training they were very inefficient.

For example, there was no Procedures Manual available for staff to use. So when people did not know how to achieve something, they tried various ways of doing things until they found something that seemed to work. They then used that process in future, even though it might not be the best way possible.


Staff time was wasted every day on inefficient processes. In addition there was frustration, and errors crept in with no way of checking they had occurred. 

Spreadsheets were frequently used to provide the required information, instead of reports being produced directly from the system.


This picture applies to many of the companies I visit.

Training in the appropriate use of all software (including Word and Excel) should be provided to the staff who use it. It should be standard practice to provide formal training to new staff, and (especially where no training has been provided) existing staff should be given a refresher so they understand those features which might help them in their daily work.

Make sure an up-to-date Procedures Manual exists and is available for staff to read.

This way, you will benefit from the savings which come from good software being used efficiently.

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